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A little dragon is very excited about his favorite bedtime story. So excited that whenever his sleepy mama finishes it he has the same request: “Again!” When she finally falls asleep, things get surprisingly… heated.

The boys love yelling along with the little dragon (to the point where my husband came racing in recently wondering what was wrong). Channeling the dragon mother’s renditions of the ever-evolving (and shrinking) bedtime story is lots of fun, and there is a physical (die-cut) surprise at the end of the book that never fails to amuse us all.

Author: Emily Gravett
Illustrator: Emily Gravett

The Three Billy Goats Fluff


Trolls usually don’t have a great reputation (the cute troll family in Frozen is definitely an outlier).  But how would you like it if every time you tried to sleep someone went trip-trapping all over your ceiling?  Poor Mr. Troll hasn’t slept well since he moved under the bridge leading to a lush green field.  How can he get the rest he needs while letting his neighbors (the goats of the title) get the grass they need?  Luckily, Mother Goat is a knitter and she works up an unorthodox solution.  This story is fun to read and never quite overly cute and fluffy.  My youngest particularly enjoys it.

Author:  Rachael Mortimer
Illustrator:  Liz Pichon