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Kitten’s First Full Moon


It was Kitten’s first full moon.
When she saw it, she thought,
There’s a little bowl of milk in the sky.
And she wanted it.

Kitten tries (and tries) to reach the little bowl of milk that she wants so much.  Things do not go well.  (Poor Kitten!)  But, as you might expect, there is a happy ending waiting.

This soft, sweet, short story is perfect for just before bed.

Author:  Kevin Henkes
Illustrator:  Kevin Henkes

Old Bear


By the time Old Bear
fell asleep for the winter,
it was snowing hard.
Soon he was dreaming.

Old Bear leads us through a winter’s worth of beautiful dreams, one for each season of the year.  This is another short, quiet, dreamy book that is perfect for just before bed.

Author: Kevin Henkes
Illustrator: Kevin Henkes