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I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato


Lola was sitting at the table,
waiting for her dinner.
And she said,
“I do not eat
peas or carrots or potatoes
or mushrooms or spaghetti
or eggs
or sausages.
I do not eat
cauliflower or cabbage or baked beans
or bananas or oranges.
And I am not found of
apples or rice or cheese
or fish sticks.
I absolutely
will never
not ever
eat a tomato.”
(My sister hates tomatoes.)

If this list sounds familiar, this may be just the book for you.  With some creativity and a sense of adventure two siblings turn a meal full of forbidden foods into a delicious feast.  There are no carrots, peas, fish sticks, mashed potatoes, or tomatoes on the menu (perish the thought!).  Instead, orange twiglets, green drops, ocean nibbles, cloud fluff, and moonsquirters rule the day.  Perfect for parents who may be looking for a different way to present dinner and kids who are looking for a good laugh.

Author:  Lauren Child
Illustrator:  Lauren Child