The Duchess Bakes a Cake


Her cries brought the family, one and another.
“Come girls,” said the Duke,
“Say good-bye to your mother.

“I fear an improper proportion of leaven
Is taking my dear Duchess right up to Heaven.”

Giant cakes, silly adults, bright and cheerful illustrations…  All of these are strongly in this book’s favor.  However, some of the fun for the boys may be listening to me trying to get through it.  Most of it roll trippingly off the tongue:

“You’ll all be delighted, for I’m going to make
A lovely light luscious delectable cake.”

But a few parts, particularly the names of the thirteen (!) daughters are fraught with peril.  Take a deep breath and hold onto your hats.  It is well worth the effort.

Author:  Virginia Kahl
Illustrator:  Virginia Kahl

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