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Imogene’s Antlers


On Thursday, when Imogene
woke up, she found she
had grown antlers.

Imogene reacts to her new appendages remarkably well, as does most of the rest of her household (although her mother keeps fainting dead away) and has quite a lovely Thursday.  And by Friday, things are back to normal…  Or are they?

Like TuesdayWhen Dinosaurs Came with Everything (also illustrated by David Small), and George Shrinks, this book presents an unusual situation and watches with a smile as its characters respond.  It is quiet and self-contained, just like its heroine.

Author: David Small
Illustrator: David Small

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything


Today, dinosaurs come with everything!

Like George Shrinks, this book has an irresistible premise (instead of balloons or stickers, or other more common giveaway items, dinosaurs come with everything from a dozen donuts to shots at the doctor’s office) coupled with charming and witty pictures that expand the story well beyond its text.  The book loses a bit of narrative steam around its final third, but it makes a strong finish, sparks the imagination, and is a lot of fun to read aloud.

Author: Elise Broachs
Illustrator: David Small

Box and Cox


Box and Cox is another story with a twist–two very different men seem to lead two very different lives, but they (unknowingly) live in the same room and plan to marry the same (rather flustered) woman.  The mechanics of this story and the highly expressive pictures make us laugh every time.  (And it turns out there are lots of “sight words,” which is very helpful right now for school.)

David Small has illustrated a number of our favorites; you’ll be seeing his name here again.

Author:  Grace Chetwin
Illustrator:  David Small