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Dragon Stew


. . . a shabby young
man came trudging up the road toward the
castle. He had patched knees and elbows, and
the feather in his worn hat was bedraggled,
but he had a merry grin, and he was whistling
a gay tune. When he saw the long line of people,
he asked a soldier, “What’s going on?”

“The king’s looking for a new royal cook,”
the soldier replied. “The cook with the most
unusual recipe will get the job and will live in
the palace off the best of the land!”

“Wouldn’t that be wonderful!”

“Well, I don’t know,” said the soldier.
“Cooks don’t get along with the king. He tells
’em what to do, puts things in their pots–he
all but does the cooking himself.”

“You don’t say?” said the young man, and
he got into line.

Much like The King of Pizza, this book begins with a monarch that loves food but is never satisfied with it. And once again, after some twists and turns, everyone ends up happy (including the kids it is read to). The illustrations, by Ms. Hyman, are very good and particularly interesting when you compare them to her later (much more detailed) illustrations for Saint George and the Dragon.

Author: Tom McGowen
Illustrator: Trina Schart Hyman

The King of Pizza


The king of Naples has everything he could possibly want, but nothing satisfies him.  Only when he leaves the palace and learns to share with others is he able find true happiness.  Fortunately, a spoonful of sugar (or slice of pizza) helps this message go down very easily.

The boys enjoy “ewwwwing” at the the endless weird fancy dishes the king eats (glazed jellyfish in octopus ink sauce garnished with twinkling starfish, anyone?) and they greatly enjoy hearing about the glories of the pizza that inspires him to change his ways.  This book is fairly long for a read aloud, but their attention never waivers.

Author: Sylvester Sanzari
Illustrator: John E. Hurst