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Odd and the Frost Giants


There was a boy called Odd, and there was
nothing strange or unusual about that, not in
that time or place. Odd meant
the tip of a blade
and it was a lucky name.

He was odd though. At least, the other villagers
thought so. But if there was one thing that he
wasn’t, it was lucky.

Neil Gaiman and Norse mythology are a wonderful combination (as far as I can tell, Neil Gaiman and practically anything are a wonderful combination). This book has humans, gods, and giants. It has trickery, empathy, and friendship. There are talking animals, visions, eternal winter, and art. And it all goes by in a flash and my only wish is that this book was longer. (Gaiman had to keep it short, because it was written for World Book Day, but he plans to write about Odd again someday. I hope that it is someday soon.)

Author: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Brett Helquist