Silly Sally


Silly Sally went to town,
walking backwards, upside down.

This book is all kinds of silly.  There are silly words, characters, pictures, and plot lines.  There are lots of chances for silly voices.  And tickling the listeners is all-but required.

If pure silliness isn’t enough to close the deal, there’s also plenty of repetition that makes it extra fun for the kids to join in and rollicking rhythms that it makes it a pleasure to read aloud.  And it is a great choice for a bedtime story when you want to end the day quickly, but on a high note.

We don’t have the big board book version (yet?), but it would a great choice for a reader not quite yet ready for paper pages.

Author:  Audrey Wood
Illustrator:    Audrey Wood

One Response to Silly Sally

  1. I’ve already gotten Christmas books but now I want to get more! I can’t wait to read these.